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Academic Committees
Moot Court Committee

A Moot Court is an extracurricular activity in a law school in which the students get a step closer to becoming an advocate while studying. Moot Court competitions help in preparing for a fictional case which involve activities such as identifying legal issues, analysing the case and doing extensive research on the set of topics for advancing arguments in the courtroom followed by drafting written submissions in the form of memorials/memorandums. The final step is the presentation of the case through the proper use of courtroom etiquette in front of an eminent bench of judges.

The Moot Court Committee is all about "nurturing the lawyer in you". It aims at encouraging the students to participate in various competitions at National and International Levels. Apart from Moot Courts, the committee organizes various events such as learning judgments with fun, training sessions on memorial drafting, how to conduct extensive research on a given case, how to identify legal issues and how to draft advance arguments. The objective is to conduct extra-curricular activities for students of our college to provide a glimpse of the practical approach to law along with academic knowledge. The mission is to enhance the skills of law students by encouraging them and ensuring active participation in events.

During the academic year 2022-23, the Moot Court Committee conducted various events starting with a 'Workshop on Memorial Drafting in October 2022 for II LL.B and III LL.B students. The committee organized a Demo Moot for the new batch of 1 LL.B students on 24th December 2022 followed by a memorial drafting workshop for I LL.B students on 24th January 2022. Further, the committee organized the Intra Moot Court Competition on 21st and 22nd February 2023 which saw participation from 22 teams. Finally, the committee organized the National Moot Court Competition for the annual flagship Law Tryst festival which saw participation from 24 teams part of law colleges across India and included preliminary, quarter-final, semi-final and final rounds. The Moot Court Committee executed its activities under the guidance and supervision of Faculty in charge Prof. Dr. Chhaya Shah. Prof. Navanitha Warrier.

Professor-in-charge (2022-23): Dr. Chhaya Shah & Asst. Prof. Navanitha Warrier

Student-in-charge (2022-23): Romil Zaveri

ADR Committee

The Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee of Jitendra Chauhan College of Law is an initiative spearheaded by Prof. Sneha Anilkumar and Prof. Poorva Dighe with the support of our principal Dr. Priya J. Shah. Since its inception on 1st November 2021 the committee has been striving towards efficiently training and developing skill sets of students within the field of ADR. The objective behind constituting this committee was to acquaint and generate awareness in the field of Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and Negotiation by conducting various Seminars, Panel Discussions, workshops and Intra-Collegiate competitions dedicated to these dispute resolution process. The goal is stimulate student interest in the field of ADR and to train them to participate at various National and International competitions which will in turn develop skills that will assist them to pursue careers in the field of ADR.

In the academic year 2022-23, the ADR Committee organized an educational visit to Lok Adalat for its committee members under the guidance of Adv. Vikrant Parshurami, our faculty in-charge Prof. Poorva Dighe & Prof. Sneha Anilkumar on 13th August 2022, a demo of a Negotiation competition on 22nd August 2022 followed by an Intra-Collegiate Negotiation Competition on 20th September 2022 and a demo of Client Counselling Competition on 21st December 2022 which was followed by an Intra-Collegiate Client Counselling Competition i on 23rd January 2023.

Professor-in-charge (2022-23): Asst. Prof. Poorva Dighe & Asst. Prof. Sneha Anil Kumar

Student-in-charge (2022-23): Mehul Doshi

MOP Committee

Model Parliament is a magnificent demonstration of the democratic ethos of our country that simulates the functioning of the Lok Sabha. The Model Parliament Committee presents an opportunity for the law students to participate and get a wonderful experience of the functioning of the government and train themselves in bill drafting,  engage in parliamentary debates and discussions.

The Committee in academic year 2022-23 organised a workshop on Legislative Bill Drafting followed by an Intra-Collegiate Bill drafting competition. It also organised the Intra-Collegiate Model Parliament Competition on 16th & 17th February, 2023.

Professors-in-charge (2022-23): Asst. Prof. Sushma Mhaske and Asst. Prof. Poorva Dighe

Head of Department (2022-23): Anand Shaw


RND Committee

The Research & Development Cell of Jitendra Chauhan College of Law is a committee formed in the year 2021 by Asst. Professor Poorva Dighe and Asst. Prof. Sneha Anil Kumar with the objective of promoting research culture amongst its students. The Cell aims at enhancing the college's research profile by strengthening its research environment. For this purpose it organizes various programs, such as workshops. seminars, and competitions for its students.

Research is an integral part of the legal profession. Finding lacunas in current laws, interpretation of laws and their analysis, all require good research skills. The Cell introduces students to research at the earliest stage possible and helps them hone suitable skills necessary to undertake ethical research, which is capable of having far reaching impact on the society.

In the recent past the cell has organized Workshops on "Writing a Legal Research Paper”, Lectures on "Citation and Referencing”, an Intra-collegiate "Research Paper Writing Competition" and in recognition of World Literacy Day, the members of the cell organized an awareness program for the 11th and 12th grade students of Alpha Junior College of Commerce and Science, on "Social Media and Cyber Security". The student members of the cell were the resource persons for the event who in groups they presented on the topic, performed a skit, and conducted interactive activities to ensure the involvement of the audience in the session. The Cell also encourage our students to participate in research or literacy competitions held by other institutions/ organizations, and to also write and publish papers.

In the academic year 2022 to 2023, a team comprising of Darsh Parikh, Meghal Shah and Zeyna Titina won an Inter-Collegiate Legal Paper Presentation Competition on Right to education of juveniles: Street and working children in India while Hariom Tiwari published a Research paper titled: "A Fresh Approach to Indian Abortion Laws," in Abhidhvaj Law Journal.

Professor-in-charge(2022-23): Asst. Prof. Sneha Anil Kumar & Asst. Prof. Poorva Dighe

Student-in-charge(2022-23): Kajol Vajani


Legal Aid Committee

Just as a candle illuminates one's path and rids them of darkness, legal awareness awakens an individual to a more liberated existence that has been illuminated by the light of knowledge.

The Legal Aid Committee at Jitendra Chauhan College of Law endeavours to create legal awareness and provide free legal aid to weaker sections of society. It undertakes various diverse activities ranging from creating awareness on various socio-legal issues, aligning themselves with different organisations such that the students get exposure and practical knowledge with respect to a diverse set of legal topics, and also inculcating among students, the habit of giving back to society.

To create awareness in the society about Deemed Conveyance. Redevelopment, CHS issues and solutions, etc. a Legal Awareness Programme was conducted on 18th February 2023 on the auspicious day of Mahashivaratri at Alica Hall. Lokhandwala Complex. Kandivali (East). It was a massive-scale collaboration between Jitendra Chauhan College of Law, Rotary Club of Mumbai West Coast. The Himgiri Global Gurukul (Trust). Maharashtra Societies. Welfare Association along with Law Firm, Solicis Lex. Although it was Public Holiday, there was huge participation which included students of JCCL, Members of the Rotary Club, Advocates, and local residents. The key speakers of the legal awareness programme were Hon'ble Shri Gopal Shetty (Member of the Parliament), Hon'ble Shri Atul Bhatkalkar (Member of Legislative Assembly - Kandivali), Smt Surekha Patil (Corporator), CA. Ramesh Prabhu, (President, MSWA) Adv. Ameet Mehta (Managing Partner, Solicis Lex. Ms. Sangeeta Chauhan, President of the Rotary Club, Adv. Pradip Bhatt, President-BJFTA. Prof Dr. Chhaya Shah (Faculty In-charge), etc. who was also felicitated at hands of Hon'ble Shri Gopal Shetty (Member of Parliament) for her contribution to such legal awareness programmes in the society.

Professor-in-charge (2022-23): Prof. Dr Chayya Shah & Asst. Prof. Sushma Mhaske

Student-in-charge (2022-23): Kavitha Iyer

Lexpress Committee

LEXPRESS is an annual college magazine that aims to uphold its commitment to expressing and conveying information in a comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased manner. It understands the importance of expressing different viewpoints, opinions, and ideas while maintaining a commitment to factual information while it provides with an opportunity to our young writers, photographers. artists, and other creative individuals to showcase their talents and share their perspectives.

LEXPRESS 2022-2023 has taken on the theme of Social Media: A world of Make-believe. It has been over a decade that social media platforms have been prevalent in India. There are many sides to be considered to the aspect of social media including the legal side. This year's LEXPRESS Volume attempts to bring out the obvious and lesser-discussed side of social media. These perspectives range from the difference in life due to social media, legal aspects surrounding social media, the authenticity of social media, things to be considered while using social media and so on. Hence, to discuss and know the thoughts of students on this it was wisely selected as the theme of the magazine this year.

The magazine brings out a fresh batch of poetry, memes, and photography collection to lighten the reader's mood. A student may like to present creative ideas in the form of short narrative, essay. humor, fiction, puzzles, or cartoons within and beyond the legal field. Similarly, a student may be interested in publishing interviews of eminent personalities, book reviews, critics, and translations. An advantage for students to make use of LEXPRESS for their debut in literature is that, there is no language barrier. A student has the freedom to write depending upon his/her command over a language.

The committee takes an immense pleasure as we thank Retd. Justice Kathawala as he inspires and captivate our readers with his Foreword and Mr. Johny Lever for launching the cover page of this year's magazine. The collaboration between esteemed personalities such as them and our college. motivates us to continue striving for excellence in our endeavors.

Professors-in-charge (2022-23): Prof. Dr.Priya Shah and  Adv. S.V. Rajyadhax

Head of Department (2022-23): Avani Kalola

Elocution & Debate Committee

Elocution & Debate Committee works to support and encourage students to improve their gestures, vocabulary, emphasis, voice modulation, oratory skill, diction, and accent & showcase their Public Speaking skills through organizing various events, competitions, by encouraging participation from students in different Intra & Inter college events and competitions such as A.D. Shroff Elocution Competition, Debate competition at State & National Levels.

The Elocution & Debate Committee organized the 56th A.D. Shroff Memorial Intra Collegiate Elocution Competition.

The competition was successfully conducted on 9th of November 2022 from 5:30 pm -7:30 pm. the topics for the same were the following: 1. Managing the Economy During Pandemic 2. Making India a $5 Trillion Economy by 2027 3. The Changing Role of International Finance in Developing Economies 4. The Menace of Increasing Cyber Crimes and Solution. The competition was judged by Prof. Sneha Mahesh Gour, Assistant Professor, CWC Law College. Malad, Prof. Shobha Shewale, Vice Principal, Smt. Kamalaben Gambhirchand Shah Law School, Matunga and Adv. Rajan Agarwal.

Professor-in-charge (2022-23): Prof. Dr Chhaya Shah & Asst. Prof. Navanitha Warrier

Placement Committee

Placement Committee envisages an ideal interface between industry requirements vis a vis student aspiration, in that the right person for the right job is ensured. Making sure the industry benefits from the students in terms of taking up roles and responsibilities and contributing to the growth of the organization. They handle the whole process, which includes interacting with the IIR representatives of Corporate Organizations, arranging meeting, arranging necessary infrastructure to conduct the placement drive, and conducting and holding the on and off campus placements. Also, the committee plays an important role in developing and maintaining a sustainable and long- term relationship with the corporate world. They also aim at specifically developing students abilities through planned training sessions viz. personality development, communication skills. and exercises to inculcate analytical skills, with the help of selected internal and external faculties. In the past academic year, the Placement Committee organised various events under the guidance and mentorship of our faculty in-charges Prof. Dr. Sharmila Ghuge and Prof. Navanitha Warrier. They organised a Career Guidance Seminar in collaboration with Edwise on the topic of International Studies Opportunities and Careers across the Globe. The Committee organized various sessions over the course of the academic year like CV Screening Session, Placement Training Sessions like Self Awareness, Resume Writing. Leveraging Social Media Presence. Interview Skills, Work-Life Balance and Reset with Reliance. They also organized a Virtual Seminar on Career as Judge Advocate General. Lastly, they organised a Campus Placement Drive 2023 where several Legal Firms recruited our JCCL Students as interns and associates.

Professor-in-charge: Prof. Dr Sharmila Ghuge & Prof. Navanitha Warrier Student-in-charge: Kavitha Iyer & Kunj Khatadia

Cultural Committee

The cultural committee of Jitendra Chauhan College of Law celebrates cultural diversity on campus by organizing various events and festivals on campus. The committee brings out joy and glee of happiness on campus with various opportunities amidst rigorous academics.

To celebrate Friendship day in our college. Cultural Committee organised an event named "Mujhse Dosti Karoge" in the month of August. For a warm welcome of the first year students the committee organized a Netflix themed Fresher's Party, where the young students showcased their talents & participated in various games which were organized by the students and the teachers of the college which also included Mr. & Miss Fresher. Both the events were followed by dance where all of them grooved to the beats of the music.

Last but not the least the Cultural Committee came up with the most awaited event of the year Le. Annual Day. Students had a great opportunity performing at Mukesh Patel Auditorium & celebrate it with immense joy.

The committee seeks to create a platform for the students with an opportunity to display a creative talent in variety of ways to participate and support in different college events as well as organizing unique and engaging events in our college. The committee thus shall carry the legacy of providing students within and outside the college a stage to have fun and also to showcase their creative talents.

Professor-in-charge (2022-23): Prof. Dr. Priya Shah Prof. & Dr. Sharmila Ghuge

Student-in-charge(2022-23): Dashang Doshi



The "Pehel" committee was constituted by SVKM'S Jitendra Chauhan College of Law in collaboration with PRAYAS- a field action project by Tata Institute of Social Sciences in order to conduct an initiative to help reform the lives of under-trial prisoners. The "Pehel" committee with it's tagline that says 'Umeed ki nayi leher aims to bring a wave of hope in the prisoners' lives through this initiative. The committee volunteers to workon prison reform through prison visits, court visits as well as field visits for under-trial prisoners. It also focuses on providing Para Legal Training and conducting study visits in various institutions including prisons, children's homes. rehabilitation centers, etc. The first session of Para Legal Volunteers training and other workshops was conducted in the month of March 2023. In this training students were trained in drafting. prison structures and functioning, the structure of Police Department, provisions regarding bail and much more.

Professor-in-charge: Prof. Sushma Mhaske

Student-in-charge:Zeyna Titina,Simran Paranjape,  Prabodh Pawar, Parth Barot



The Marathi Mandal is a newly constituted committee, formed in February 2023, to honour and spread awareness about the richness and diversity of 'Marathi language. This committee not only focuses on promoting the cultural heritage of the language but also the historical value and diverse literature that the language has provided us with

SVKM's Jitendra Chauhan College of Law has been celebrating the Marathi Rajbhasha Diwas since 2015. The Marathi Mandal conducted it's first event, Vaividhya, on 28th February, 2023. On the occasion of celebrating the Marathi Rajbhasha Diwas, an evening full of dance, drama. music and poetry was celebrated. The whole event revolved around Marathi literature, Maharashtrian culture and the great principles of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The committee aims at inculcating respect and love for the Marathi language in the students of our renowned college.

Professor-in-charge: Prof. Sushma Mhaske

Student-in-charge: Prabodh Pawar



A character can be best developed on the playing field, and sports can be used to teach life lessons. Vision: The sports committee's vision is to organise an annual intra-sports event called 'LAKSHYA' so that students can learn how to stay physically fit and to increase participants interest in sports. The sports committee's explicit purpose is to promote the level of devotion to sports from an extracurricular standpoint and to instil a sense of enthusiasm in everyone. Functions:


1) Organizing LAKSHYA Annual Sports event ranging from on-field sports like Cricket. Football Volleyball, Tug of War and Athletics to indoor sports like Carrom, Chess and Table Tennis.

2) To instil a love of sports among students and faculty members.

3) To spark pupils interest in the realm of sports.

4) To enhance each student's health and physical well-being, as well as their sense of sportsmanship.

5) The committee seeks to instill traits such as brotherhood, team spirit, and bonding.

6) It is intended to fulfil the student body's interests in competitive sports and other recreational activities.

Every year, we divide the work and provide each member with an opportunity to enhance their organisational skills. The committee additionally provides opportunities for real-time discussions with vendors, managers, and administration.

Professor-in-charge (2022-23): Dr. Priya Shah, Prof. Sheela Natarajan, Prof. Sushma Mhaske, Asst. Prof. Navanitha Warrier and Asst. Prof. Sneha Anil Kumar.

Student-in-charge (2022-23): Deep Padachh, Dashang Doshi & Maitri Shah


DLLE Committee

The Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension [DLLE] (known earlier as Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension) was established on October 12, in the Year 1978 and has been recognized as a statutory Department of the University of Mumbai since 1994 to promote a meaningful and sustained rapport between the Universities and the community. The DLLE seeks to facilitate the sensitization of students to socio-cultural realities. Degree College Students take up extension work projects related to social issues, for which they are awarded 10 additional marks in their final examinations on successful completion of 120/240 hours of work and the submission of the project report in time.


Students who enroll for these extension work projects perform various activities for social awareness based on various issues/problem in the society such as Save Food, Save Water. Save the Girl Child, Pollution Control, HIV-Aids, Global warming. Tree Plantation, Child Labour. Dowry deaths. Waste management and many more. Students are creating awareness about these social problems through various activities like Rally, Street Play. Poster Making, Survey, Elocutions, etc.


DLLE is an extension activity that plays an indispensable role in cultivating social responsibility and developing research skills since research is an integral part of legal profession it.


Professor-in-charge (2022-23): Dr. Priya J. Shah & Prof. Dr Sharmila Ghuge


Student in-charge (2022-23): Anand Shaw